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Vulnerability and Threat Management Planning


How do you mitigate risks and protect your most valuable assets in the face of changing vulnerabilities and threats? How do you direct IT and security efforts to where they are most needed? How do you improve workflow and confidently in order to demonstrate due diligence?

Developing a comprehensive vulnerability and threat management program can be daunting, simply because the scope of the potential risks to the enterprise is so broad. And then, once a plan is defined, it must integrate available technologies with the right people and processes so that system and application owners, both technical and business, are provided with clear guidance on current risks to the organization, the requirements for remediation or mitigation of vulnerabilities, and effective monitoring and reporting throughout the enterprise.

Gaining control over all of these facets is a tremendous job, requiring time and human resources beyond levels that most organizations have available.


A Vulnerability and Threat Management Program is an on-going process that protects your valuable data, customer information, critical network assets and intellectual property. We understand that an effective Vulnerability and Threat Management Program consists of tightly integrated components of information security and business operations. Our approach involves bringing together the right technology, people and processes to provide a comprehensive solution for managing threats and vulnerabilities across the organization. It consists of five phases that encompass what is essentially an implementation roadmap - inventory, configuration standards, patching, scanning and penetration testing, and risk analysis and remediation.

  • Understand, measure and reduce exposure and risk, while reducing the resources and funds required for incident response
  • Metrics demonstrating how budget expenditures for vulnerability and threat planning result in increased management efficiencies and cost savings
  • Comprehensive, risk-based approach to vulnerability and threat management enables companies to report and manage risks, increase efficiencies in remediation, and maximize return on security investments

Secure Application's comprehensive Vulnerability and Threat Management Planning services include:

  • Thorough scans identifying corporate assets that may be vulnerable to threats, from either within or outside of the organization
    • Inventory scan addresses hosts, platforms, applications, business and technical owners, and risk value, as well as printers, network devices, mobile devices, and legacy systems
  • Configuration standards development - a set of baseline system configuration guides for desktops and servers
  • Patching methodology development, recommended timeframes for all enterprise software, operating systems, databases, and middleware
  • Scanning and penetration testing to identify all vulnerable systems, as well as current trends in both external and internal threats
  • Remediation guidance
  • Policy compliance measurement and assurance
  • Risk analysis and remediation, providing understanding of systems exposure, patch prioritization, metrics development and timely remediation