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Security Intelligence Reporting

Stay Informed. Be Proactive

What good is information if you can’t act on it? The kind of information our Security Intelligence Division provides is just what you need to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Even when and where risk is greatest. It’s timely, accurate and relevant. Most important, it’s actionable.With our security intelligence reports and risk analysis, you can: "Assess, prepare for and mitigate threats before they become a problem.

Take a proactive approach to risk management based on concise recommendations and actionable assessments. Remain aware of strategic and tactical developments and their implications. Protect your bottom line by pro-actively protecting your assets and operation."

Monthly analysis report

Historical Analysis of threat events identified for monitoring customers to discover

  • Hidden attacks
  • Suspicious traffic patterns that could be an indicator of an ongoing fraud
  • Persistent threat actors adopting low and slow attack techniques to evade detection
  • High level view of threat landscape affecting the organization

Strategic Security Intelligence