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Secure DevSecOps

"DevOps must advance to another vision of DevSecOps that adjusts the requirement for speed and deftness of big business IT capacities with the venture need to secure basic resources, applications, and administrations."

DevSecOps is another model that gives responsibility to the security execution in the application; from the arranging, plan, improvement, QA/testing, to deliver and while working on a creation climate.

While actualizing DevSecOps on the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), an association will encounter the nonstop mix and will see that the expenses for consistence are diminished, code is continually being broke down, tried, conveyed and delivered appropriately.

Secure DevSecOps empowers the way toward actualizing security to everyone and makes them responsible.

Benefits of DevSecOps:

  • Greater speed and agility for security teams
  • An ability to respond to change and needs rapidly
  • Better collaboration and communication among teams
  • More opportunities for automated builds and quality assurance testing
  • Early identification of vulnerabilities in code
  • Team member assets are freed to work on high-value work

Examples of common DevSecOps tools that security teams are now using:

  • CI/CD Tool
  • Secrets Manager
  • Version Control System
  • Docker Orchestration tools
  • Security Analysis tools