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Incident QIRA and QFI | Secure Application



PCI DSS provides organizations that handle cardholder data with a set of principles and requirements designed to assist them in the creation of a secure network. When a breach occurs, pandemonium will erupt, the source may be difficult to pin down and any new transactions over the network could be compromised. During the chaos, you will need to act decisively and likely be required to call in an independent third party to conduct a thorough forensic investigation. Several providers are available, but finding one that will be sensitive to your internal needs, work within your budget and be able to help with remediation will be difficult.


A breach or network compromise requires immediate action by accredited remediation professionals. As a member of Visa's elite Qualified Incident Response Assessor (QIRA) and MasterCard Qualified Forensics Investigator (QFI) programs, Secure Application takes immediate action when payment card data breaches occur, investigating the incidents onsite, overseeing remediation procedures and providing final assurance to Visa that compromised systems have been secured and returned to compliance.

  • Avoids fines and disruptions to your payment card transaction processes
  • Through quick action by QIRA & QFI assessors, minimizes consequences and ensures a return to security and compliance in the event of a breach
  • Ensures quality, accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment, with proven methodology
  • Provides certified assessors who help ensure the security, integrity and availability of your information assets
  • Through trusted partner methodology, ensures that your organization's internal requirements as well as reporting and communications requirements are met