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VOIP Infrastructure Security


VoIP networks continue to grow in popularity as the convergence of voice and data into a single network promises to reduce costs, improve quality and simplify management. However, in their rush to realize the cost savings of VoIP, organizations have largely overlooked the security implications. Malicious users may be able to access the VoIP network and eavesdrop on unencrypted calls or cause an interruption of service. A more significant threat is malicious users gaining access to corporate networks through the VoIP network and, potentially accessing confidential data such as intellectual property, customer information or financial records.


Secure Application's VoIP Security Review Service is designed to identify and address security vulnerabilities including eavesdropping, loss of service, fraud, data alteration, denial of service attacks, viruses, and more. Our security team uses a holistic approach to provide customers with a detailed analysis to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of VoIP networks. By combining proven and field-tested concepts with the latest knowledge of information attack and mitigation techniques, Secure Application provides the industry's most comprehensive VoIP infrastructure security review.

  • Discover VoIP network vulnerabilities and risks to your business systems
  • Identify remediation steps to help prevent network compromise
  • Helps reduce business interruption
  • Minimizes theft or misuse of data
  • Help ensure your organization is meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they become a threat
  • Helps to ensure the security, integrity and availability of information assets
  • Proven methodology ensures quality, accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment

Tailored to meet your specific security and budget requirements, Secure Application's VoIP Infrastructure Security Review provides the following:

  • An overall evaluation of the security controls on the VoIP infrastructure including a technology, operations, and process review.
  • Identify general confidentiality requirements within the VoIP architecture to protect personal data and transmitted information against unauthorized access (prevent eavesdropping of calls).
  • Identify specific steps to improve data integrity of the VoIP network to protect (and detect) personal data and transmitted information against being altered.
  • Review, optimize or recommend changes for the authentication mechanisms in place to prevent unauthorized communication between partners identity the data origin
  • A gap analysis mapped to device security configurations, business requirements and best practices to secure the VoIP infrastructure without sacrificing the quality of service
  • Recommendations for improvements and architecture modifications