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Application Security

Weaknesses in application architectures have rapidly become the targets of choice for attackers, and application security vulnerabilities have become one of the top information security issues facing organizations today. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that can solve this problem. Application security can be obtained and maintained only through a combination of activities - external testing of applications, application architecture reviews, source code reviews, database audits, continual training of development and security personnel, and implementation of security controls throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes. To stay ahead of the risks associated with the application layer, you must manage and maintain the security of every application deployed

Secure Application's Application Security solutions can help protect your most critical enterprise applications from both internal and external threats. Our consultants can dramatically improve your organization's ability to assess the security of existing applications as well as design, develop, test, and maintain the security of applications in all phases of their development lifecycle.

Combining industry knowledge, security expertise, and procedure-based methods, our consultants help ensure application security and peace of mind.

Application Security