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Digital Forensics


Any regulated organization victimized by a cyber attack must conduct a thorough digital forensic investigation, and those not held to regulatory compliance must find the root cause of security incidents. Organizations need the evidence collected in the investigation to prove to regulators that they have done due diligence in identifying and isolating the attack source and to help law enforcement agencies prosecute and convict cyber criminals. Expert Digital Forensic Consultants must take charge of collecting, storing and transporting evidence according to strict regulatory and legal guidelines in order for it to be defendable to regulators and admissible in court. These guidelines make digital forensics one of the most challenging practices in information technology, and most organizations don't have the time, resources or expertise required to conduct a thorough digital forensic investigation.


Secure Application's Digital Forensics Consultants provide expert, precision evidence collection services, overseeing the entire evidence collection process from cradle to grave. Using their skills and expertise gives your organization the best opportunity to assist prosecutors and to demonstrate to regulators that you took all necessary precautions to reduce risk and achieve compliance. Secure Application constantly updates its processes surrounding the handling of forensic evidence to assure that its Digital Forensics Consultants are using the latest techniques when collecting, storing and transmitting evidence.

  • Assurance that the evidence collected will enable you to defend your organization's security policies against the scrutiny of regulatory entities, legal inquiries, and the courts
  • Reassurance that your investigation is thorough, leaving no stone unturned
  • Identification and understanding of the exact cause and source of an attack, enabling you to deploy countermeasures and avoid additional attacks

Secure Application's Digital Forensics Consultants use their experience in handling incidents and evidence to develop a best-of-breed approach for each client. When you partner with Secure Application to handle your digital forensics, you will be able to leverage our:

  • EnCase Certification
  • State-of-the-art forensic lab
  • Strong Payment Card Industry (PCI) background
  • Large number of Qualified Security Assessors and Qualified Incident Response Assessors
  • International response experience
  • Nationwide presence with consultants in all regions of the United States
  • Constantly updated processes that ensure your evidence is handled properly at all times
  • Expert testimony and legal experience
Service Details

Secure Application's Digital Forensics offering provides your organization with the ability to receive customized and flexible services that meet the requirements of all major legal procedures, and evidence collection and records handling standards, as well as the needs of your organization.

  • Records Handling
  • Data Validation
  • Tracing Users' Steps
  • Key Word Searches
  • Identification of Anomalies
  • Court Testimony
  • Evidence Collection and Storage
  • Liaison to Law Enforcement

Digital Forensics