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Integrated SOC Management

"Our Managed Security Operation Center (SOC) service has redefined security operations to meet the next generation of emerging cyber threats. Our service mission is to provide your organization with a highly mature detection and response capability designed to mitigate against threats that put your most critical business assets at risk. We will accomplish this by providing a high-performing team, executing process discipline and optimizing the use of technologies. In addition, by integrating these domains with our CTI capabilities,our Managed SOC also advances your ability to predict future threats."

At Secure Application, we take on a problem in security that requires a combination of software and skill. We then iterate the solution, deploy it at enterprise clients, and improve continuously to deliver a superior security outcome.

SOC as a Services

SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center) solutions provide new options that go well beyond traditional managed security services. For organizations that can’t justify building and staffing their own SOC, SOC-as-a-Service solutions allow them to rent these capabilities. Other organizations use SOC-as-a-Service solutions to offload routine monitoring so their own security teams can focus on key risks. Others use SOC-as-a-Service as a bridge while they transition to their own fully-managed SOC.

Network Traffic Analysis

All ports, all protocols, perimeter and internal traffic monitored in real time, with multiple COTS threat intelligence feeds and customized monitoring rules, including outbound DLP in motion to detect high-value data leakage. Active defense capabilities to enable blocking in addition to detection and alert.

Network Forensics

Storage of network session traffic for historical analysis and selective full-packet capture to replay for alert context.

Malware/Payload Analysis

Safe and isolated environment for automated and manual suspicious binary analysis.

Endpoint Behavior Monitoring

Inspect and record user endpoint and server network connections, file and registry modifications, process injections and executions − on and off your network. Contain and remediate suspicious hosts on demand. Multiple COTS threat intelligence feeds. Ability to create custom monitoring rules and enable active defense capabilities, in addition to detection and alert.

Endpoint Live Response

Ability to conduct live remote inspection on a host, including grabbing suspicious files for analysis.

Advanced Search and Analytics

Ability to consume multiple formats of log data, including COTS and custom application layer data and non-standard devices (e.g., industrial control systems). Create custom dashboards, correlation rules and complex queries, as well as SOC workflow management.


  • Over 9 years of expertise in SOC Management
  • Automated reports and threat alerts
  • Continuous adaption to your business risk
  • Risk prediction

Why choose Secure Application

  • Transparent & Collaborative. You will know your SOC Management
  • Always On. You will have a SOC concierge and an army of analysts by your side
  • Powered by the very best tools & 400 Highly Skilled SOC Specialists. You will be confident in your SOC
  • Driven by Analytics & Data Scientists. You will receive benchmark, posture & visualization reports designed for C level decision support