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Secure DevOps

"DevOps must advance to another vision of DevSecOps that adjusts the requirement for speed and deftness of big business IT capacities with the venture need to secure basic resources, applications, and administrations."

Secure Devops Methodology:

Secure Applications from the Scratch:

From the beginning times of the application improvement, we actualize secure DevOps alongside secure instruments and hazard assessment rehearses. Also, we can convey remediation administrations to effectively dispense with information penetrate dangers for your current applications.

Review Vulnerabilities:

By running entrance testing, we can spot touchy application code and forestall its vulnerabilities. Our group characterizes security defects including intelligent blunders, cryptographic errors, the board imperfections, and wrong suppositions. As a result, we recommend a lot of fixes and vital strides to improve the code.

Security and Protection:

We distinguish information streams and characterize them to additionally help you with building up the right information preparing. Along these lines, we assist you with forestalling the outer and inner information dangers. You can depend on astarios for executing an application security program and improving cloud-local security controls.

App Security Testing:

Static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) application testing, or white and dark cap testing, is significant. SAST breaks down what's under the application hood: code, blunders, issues, and so on., while DAST screens an outward activity of the application, its interface vulnerabilities. Working in equal, these two classes of testing find sources code issues and late-stage application improvement glitch.

Examples of common DevOps tools that security teams are now using:

  • Chef devops tool - automate security testing
  • Puppet tool - To enforce security policies and prove compliance
  • Ansible tool - Automate best practices like setting firewall rules, Applying custom security policies
  • SaltStack tool - An orchestration and automation of security practices.