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Data Science

As a consulting firm we offer, Data Science and Advanced Quantitative Modeling as our primary service. Our engineers hold advanced degrees in highly quantitative and diverse fields - Mathematics, Engineering, Operations Research, and Finance etc. - from the world's best universities. This Combination along with a deep understanding of the business problem, we could translate business requirements into an analytical framework.

Data engineering

Our knowledge in advanced analytics is aided by strong capabilities in data engineering for both traditional and big data needs. Our engineers are very well familiar with state-of-the art technologies, whether it is fetching and managing data, or building and integrating analytics solutions, they customize the solution as per client needs and constraints.

We have worked on a variety of web mining problems like fetching data using APIs or scrubbing. We have analyzed large volumes of unstructured data (e.g. tweets, posts, and blogs) with our knowledge in large scale data processing and natural language processing algorithms, providing real-time insights to businesses.

Although traditional RDBMS solutions like MySQL or MS SQL Server are efficient in several cases, some situations warrant a NoSQL data management solution. Our big data engineershave designed and implemented Hadoop systems, and are very familiar with technologies such as MapReduce, Hive, and Pig. We have executed scalable machine learning projects in a big data environment using open source technologies.

We develop algorithms in a language, such a way that it is best suited for integration into client systems (Java, Python, C++, Php). We have delivered analytics solutions as libraries, APIs, algorithms, and product enhancements. Some are stand-alone desktop tools while other are massively parallelized cloud-based solutions.

Business insight

Today, the top organizations in the world are pushing the boundaries on using a combination of the science of data and the art of business to drive decision making. We know that every client is different and so are their objectives, which is why we work closely with our client to ensure their advanced analytics needs and expectations are met and are exceeded. Our clients need on the timely delivery of information provided by custom reports, is provided with a variety of real-time business intelligence reports - dashboards, scorecards, drill-downs, and roll-ups.

To agree upon a high-level, easy-to-understand structure for their reports, we work closely with our clients. We partner with clients to jointly present the findings summarized in the reports to their end audience. Instead of overwhelming the end audience with an array of all possible metrics, we focus on a limited number of key performance indicators based on clients specific objectives and our experience. We present the data in a concise and intuitive manner using appropriate visualizations and infographics.

Our reports are a combination of data tables and charts, inferences based on statistical analyses, and recommendations in the context of the business objectives, based on clients need. We can deliver custom interactive reports in a variety of formats - spreadsheets, documents, power point decks, web-based dashboards, Tableau reports, and other client specific reporting systems.

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