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Red Team Assessment


There is as yet a conspicuous conviction is numerous associations that just connecting a security or checking arrangement in the association system will help recognize/anticipate advanced aggressors. Be that as it may, powerful arrangement of discovery arrangements and alarming instrument alongside gifted observing staff is required to keep a development assailant from getting to the organization's advantages. This is just conceivable if the association comprehends and can imagine such vindictive on-screen characters.

Conventional weakness appraisal and infiltration testing (VAPT) experience the ill effects of the downside of constrained extension and courses of events. They can never be utilized to recreate a certifiable risk entertainer. Customary VAPT can just give a depiction of the condition of security for the constrained resources that are a piece of the extension.

Moreover, social building and physical security is an angle that is quite often expelled from the extent of these conventional appraisals.


To help association's handle the impediments of conventional VAPT appraisals, we accept a progressively comprehensive methodology is required to measure the genuine danger an association faces from various vindictive on-screen characters.


Through our Red Team Assessment services we aim to provide our clients with:

  • A real-world perspective of threat actors.
  • Holistic view of security controls
  • Evaluate security incident response capabilities

Our attack vectors are designed to simulate threats from three primary attack sources:

  • Associations have a great deal of benefits uncovered on the web. A trade off of any one resource could possibly give an assailant a decent footing into the association.
  • Human components are the weakest connection in a security chain. Controlling people to adhere to guidelines or direct activities may bring about potential loss of data.
  • Increasing physical access to a domain can uncover a great deal of data about the inward working of the objective. Further shortcoming can be recognized if physical access to an advantage or area is picked up.


Red Team Assessment requires an extremely solid observation. This is where we assemble the data of the objective association. This incorporates data identified with your:

  • Internet facing assets (IP addresses, web sites, applications etc.)
  • User details
  • Internal application details
  • Physical site details

With adequate insights regarding the objective, we at that point continue towardsmisusing this data – through phishing messages, abusing vulnerabilities, visiting nearby areas to attempt to rupture the physical security, and so forth.

The point of this stage is to get a solid footing inside the association's system. When cultivated, at that point we move towards investigating the system and heightening our entrance inside the system.

  • Advanced Vectors: Our group uses assault vectors that are being utilized by true aggressors.
  • Goal Based: For self-evident ROI, we work with our customers to characterize achievements inside the undertaking to help decide the achievement criteria.
  • Analyze Incidence Response: We can help the SOC group dissect issues with their checking procedure which may conceivably prompt missed cautions or danger marks.
  • Customized Assessment: We take into account customer prerequisites to change RedTeam appraisals to all the more likely assess security controls and reactions