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Incident Response Lockdown


Today's IT infrastructures are highly distributed, made up of internal data centers, server farms, public and private Clouds, and SaaS applications. Employees, contractors and customers use all types of mobile and desktop devices to gain 24/7 access to the infrastructure through the wired and wireless Internet. Keeping track of systems, applications, devices, and access points is difficult for even the most experienced IT professionals; locking them down to prevent and stop cyber attacks can be all but impossible.


Secure Application's Incident Response Consultants help your organization reduce the risk of a systems compromise by proactively identifying all access points that should be closed and passwords that should be changed; vulnerable access points; servers and systems that hackers could exploit; and access points, servers and systems that are under attack.

  • Reduced risk of a systems compromise
  • Reduction in the amount of overall damage that a compromise could cause

Secure Application's Incident Response Consultants are experienced and trained to identify vulnerable access points and systems that could become attack targets, as well as access points and systems that are being used and exploited by attackers.
Partnering with Secure Application enables you to leverage our:

  • Dedicated, experienced and credentialed Incident Response Consultants
  • Accreditations, including our PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and Payment Application (PA) Qualified Security Assessors QSAs
  • Understanding and sensitivity to your organization's unique environment and needs
  • Expertise across all major identified cyber attack methods
  • Trusted advisor and strategic approach
  • Broad industry experience
  • Comprehensive, customizable offering
Service Details

Secure Application's Incident Response Consultants identify your organization's vulnerable access points, servers and systems before, during and after attacks to minimize risk and reduce the impact of compromise-related damages.

Services include:

  • Access Point Identification
  • Identification of Vulnerable Access Points, Severs and Systems
  • Identification of Unrestricted Administrative Accounts
  • Identification of Compromised Access Points and Systems
Incident Response