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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer(Virtual CISO)

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (Virtual CISO) encourages associations to ensure their framework, information, individuals, and clients. A vCISO is a top security master that manufactures the customer association's cybersecurity program. The Virtual CISO works with the current administration and specialized groups. You might be thinking about whether your association needs a vCISO.

We are set to help all the ventures bringing a wide assortment of the digital security issues we understood.

We handle Multiple Standards, Regulations, Security Standards, forms across the big business working geologies like ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, and so forth.

Expanding Complex Audits, including Information Security, Compliance, Legal, External Auditors, Regulators from an enormous endeavor to nation controllers.

New age Digital, Traditional, Vendor Risks need various ways to deal with improving Digital Risk Maturity.

We likewise help in Cross-Department Collaboration and technique as they intend to have a Single Enterprise Portal and Backbone for Managing, Communicating, and looking after strategies.


1. CISO Enterprises

  • Endeavors drill down their top Cyber Security issue to be changed with key administration.
  • With Covid19 Black swan, the new ordinary is the workforce turning into a remote power.
  • The issues can be word related security to individual gadget use for corporate work to a lot more things

2. Virtual CISO

  • The union liberates up a complimentary call to comprehend, give significant level vital exhortation to 30 minutes.
  • On the off chance that it's synergistic in nature, the customer venture can demand a point by point commitment of 40 hours, 80 hours, or 160 hours.
  • On the off chance that things are longer, vital in nature, the customer can examine with the partnership about uniting different vCISOs on a Time and Material undertaking

3. Cyber Security Transformation Virtual CISO

  • The customer will be autonomously ready to arrange, contract the vCISO as an advisor with SLA, expectations, remuneration commonly concurred.
  • The vCISO collusion will ensure with the assistance of a youthful, dynamic PMO supporting the vCISO for the ideal result.