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Business Partner Security Assessment


Many businesses thrive on partnerships as a part of their core business model, but partnerships can create security issues and compliance problems. From a security perspective, we are only as secure as our weakest link, and unfortunately, business partners often create that weakness. Businesses must take action to ensure compliance in their dealings with partners, subsidiaries, service providers, affiliates from mergers or acquisitions, and "remote affiliates." Many businesses are not sure where to start and a lack of resources means they cannot maintain complete audit readiness.


Secure Application's team of security and risk management experts evaluate security risks from relationships with all business partners; service providers, subsidiaries, and affiliations resulting from mergers or acquisitions. The resulting, comprehensive security assessment, results from a thorough understanding of the relationship with the partner, specifically as it relates to your regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

Secure Application can operate in a join-capacity with an organization's existing business partner assurance team, by performing ad hoc assessments based on fluctuating demand. Additionally, we can offer complete management and support for your business partner assurance needs. Completing assessments based on a wide range of methodologies and approaches based on your specific needs.

  • Maximize investments in existing partner assurance programs by leveraging Secure Application's ability to execute assessments using your methodology and, at your discretion, to perform either partial or complete assessments
  • Comprehensive partner assurance program and understanding of third party risks and knowledge of how to mitigate common issues
  • Gaining a greater understanding of your partner environment to properly categorize partners based on risk and to drive efficiency by consolidating where possible
  • Complete partner assurance guidance at the planning, execution and remediation stages
  • Secure Application's Membership in the Shared Assessments program demonstrates our thought leadership and enables us to better assist our customers by ensuring alignment with best-practices.

Secure Application's comprehensive Business Partner Security Assessment services include:

  • Complete design of Partner Assurance programs
  • Outsourcing of existing Partner Assurance programs
  • Comprehensive onsite physical-security assessments
  • ISO 27002 or Shared Assessment gap analysis
  • Wireless-security assessments
  • Industry-specific compliance assessments (e.g., PCI, SOX, HIPAA)
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Web application and corporate databases risk assessments
  • Ability to assist service providers minimize the impact of "one-off" assessments conducted by their existing or potential customers (Shared Assessment / AUP)
Business Partner Security Assessment