Security Testing Training
Dedicated Server Monitoring | Secure Application | Cyber Security Services

Dedicated Server Monitoring

Web server security auditing and performance monitoring

Key features of this combined package include:

Security Scanning

  • Weekly comprehensive security scans
  • Safe example exploits embedded into reports for easy self-verification of some vulnerabilities
  • Reports securely accessible online
  • Detailed advisories with concise fix information
  • Tests covering a large number of TCP and UDP services
  • Over 1000 new classes of vulnerability test added each year
  • A wide variety of security sources monitored daily to ensure scans test for the latest vulnerabilities
  • Non-disruptive tests; potential denial of service vulnerabilities highlighted but not exploited
  • Email alerts for new security reports
  • A security seal provides public verification of your security commitment

A more detailed overview of the scanning services is available on the scope page. Our scanning services are compared on the comparison page.

Performance Monitoring

  • Network performance measurements every 15 minutes
  • Detailed graphs on availability and server uptime
  • 31 day data history, with email export for sharing data with third parties
  • Measurement points on separate networks (London, New York, Pennsylvania, San Jose, Phoenix, Italy, Zurich and Amsterdam)
  • Outage notification by email when site is unreachable from all measurement points