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Program Management

Our Security Program Managers (SPMs) enable the end-to-end success of your global application security program.

Distributed development. Faster innovation cycles. Agile development. Seems like there's always a wrinkle that complicates your efforts to embed application-layer security across all your business units, development teams and third-party vendors.

To add further complexity, as much as 65 percent of an enterprise's application portfolio comes from third-parties. This fragmented software supply chain only increases the need for enterprises to work with experts who understand both the technical and organizational challenges of implementing scalable application security programs.

Secure Application has assisted some of the world's largest companies overcome the hurdles preventing wide-spread adoption of application security best practices. We have codified those experiences into a programmatic and repeatable approaches for:

  • Defining the program, policies and success criteria that are focused on remediation so that actual improvements are made, instead of encouraging check-box compliance.
  • Creating appropriate engagement strategies for development teams and third-party vendors encouraging key stakeholders to become supportive of the program.
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvements, automation and integration that can improve program effectiveness and scalability.
  • Evaluating program health and revising program goals to remain aligned with enterprise strategy.

How we help you demonstrate measurable results

SPMs augment your staff by acting as outsourced program managers for your application security program, including providing:

  • Expertise around best practices for implementing global application security programs.
  • On-demand security expertise and technical support for your development teams.
  • A single point of contact for all of our services and support.

Examples of activities managed by the SPM include:

  • Creating realistic 90-day and annual goals.
  • Defining corporate security policies based on application criticality and risk.
  • Creating an enterprise-wide application inventory.
  • Developing a rollout plan for the SDLC and/or third-party vendors.
  • Onboarding development teams and coordinating training.
  • Assisting developers with initial uploads to our cloud-based platform.
  • Coordinating remediation and mitigation activities including remediation coaching.
  • Managing the scoping and execution of Manual Penetration Testing.
  • Maintaining a dashboard of all current and planned activities.
  • Conducting quarterly and annual reviews with executive management to review KPIs and metrics, including benchmarking against peer organizations.