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Security Awareness Training


Information security teams can spend years strengthening an organization's IT infrastructure to protect against cyber attacks while aligning with compliance regulations. Deploying state-of-the-art DLP, IPS, firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware solutions and performing compliance audits does not guarantee adequate information asset protection or regulatory compliance. To minimize risk, secure information assets, and remain compliant, organizations must ensure all employees receive training in security awareness which teaches them how everyday job routines and habits can impact the organization's overall security posture. Employees do not learn effective security habits and best practices through intuition; such information can only be taught by information security training professionals, which most organizations do not employ.


Secure Application's SecureSkills Training Team instructors teach and motivate employees to remain vigilant against behaviors and practices that could compromise sensitive information. SecureSkills provides the flexibility of on-site, distance-based, and computer-based models, equipping organizations to extend training to all levels of their workforce through methods which respond to various schedules, skill sets, and experience levels. Employees gain the knowledge needed to minimize risk and respond to compliance challenges.

  • Confidence that each and every employee is receiving the most advanced product training available - delivered by experts with firsthand experience in the subjects they teach.
  • Assurance that product training related to HIPAA, the PCI DSS and other industry regulations will address the most current information including any changes made to these complex industry mandates.
  • Flexibility of choosing between on-site, distance-based, and computer-based programs to meet budgetary and scheduling requirements.
Service Details

Secure Application's SecureSkills Training Team instructors are experienced experts, dedicated to delivering advanced information security training, products, and solutions to keep organizations focused on security.

Security Awareness Training provides:

  • Flexible learning programs delivering through on-site, distance-based, and computer-based models.
  • Online training available to diverse workforces 24/7.
  • Rich media support materials which promote comprehension and knowledge retention.

Training Courses Offered Include:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Basic Training
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Basic Training
  • Security Policy Understanding and Responsibility
  • Strong Password Practices
  • Password Protection
  • FNS clarify offerings and add additional
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