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Data Lifecycle Analysis


As organizations struggle to manage the unbridled data explosion created both internally and externally by partners, suppliers, and customers, they are continually trying to improve business processes that use and create company data. However, managing the flow of an information system's data throughout its lifecycle - from creation and initial storage to the time it becomes obsolete and is deleted - is a monumental task for even the largest IT organizations. In addition, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements for domestic and international data protection and privacy rules, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, etc. is placing additional pressure on organizations to secure, delete or archive data.


Secure Application's Data Lifecycle Analysis offering combines automated and manual discovery processes that identify the flow of data throughout its entire lifecycle. Through interviews, team discussion, and discovery scanning processes, Secure Application catalogs how data flows through the environment, where it is stored, and how it is protected. Our consultants help gather information about data as it relates to specific applications or business processes. Upon completion of this phase, our consultants deliver a series of diagrams and matrices that create a baseline of systems related to your specific data types and business processes.

  • Identifies broken or rogue business processes
  • Provides documented evidence that your data meets security best practices throughout its entire lifecycle
  • Identifies security issues before cyber criminals can take advantage of them
  • Ensures the integrity and security of your information assets
  • Increases user confidence that sensitive, business-critical data is protected throughout its lifecycle

Secure Application's Data Lifecycle Analysis services can be tailored to meet your security and budget requirements.Services include:

  • Establishing project scope and expectations
  • Identifying, analyzing, and mapping business processes and applications
  • Identifying and documenting data management and security controls
  • Data discovery, analysis, and validation
  • Creating information lifecycle diagrams
  • Creating reports and other deliverables