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Risk Assessment


An Information Security Risk Assessment can be an overwhelming task for even the most experienced security personnel. Properly conducted, a risk assessment requires a formal evaluation of an organization's information security infrastructure, including threats that are present, assets that need protection, and existing vulnerabilities. It also includes an analysis of all of these elements, such as threat/vulnerability pairing.

As organizations begin to address information security more strategically, the process of risk assessment can suddenly become a paramount need. And yet, the challenge of assessing risk seems so all-encompassing that it can be tough to know where to start. Without qualified experts engaged in regular risk assessment programs, organizations could be in jeopardy because of unrecognized risks. Unfortunately, many organizations have neither the human, budget or technical resources needed to facilitate an ongoing risk assessment program.


Secure Application provides a customized approach to understanding the specific risks that could challenge any organization. Our consultants first evaluate each organization's business drivers and goals - along with specific risks that could put the organization in jeopardy - and tailor solutions to help mitigate those risks. A thorough series of interviews with key personnel enables our consultants to provide your organization with an assessment of its current enterprise security posture.

Secure Application can operate in a join-capacity with an organization's existing business partner assurance team, by performing ad hoc assessments based on fluctuating demand. Additionally, we can offer complete management and support for your business partner assurance needs. Completing assessments based on a wide range of methodologies and approaches based on your specific needs.

  • Improved security posture, resulting in reduced risk and maximized compliance
  • Establishment of an effective information asset protection plan
  • Identification and remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Ability to more strategically align with the goals of the organization

Secure Application's comprehensive Risk Assessment services include:

  • Security infrastructure assessment
  • Comprehensive risk profile creation that identifies internal and external risks
  • Risk impact analysis reports
  • Risk remediation roadmaps
  • Qualitative risk assessment and prioritization

Risk Assessment