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Security Architecture Review


Most network infrastructures have evolved over time to meet changing business demands and in many cases security has been an afterthought. To protect critical business services and assets, you need to be confident that your security architecture is providing a comprehensive, multi-layer defense that must be incorporated throughout the business. As security architectures evolve over time, you must also ensure that security technologies remain aligned with business objectives, security policy, and compliance requirements.

The best way to manage security risk and compliance requirements is through a systematic approach that addresses the entire security lifecycle and is built upon a standards-based security infrastructure. If you do not implement effective security controls you place data integrity, information confidentiality, and the availability of business-critical applications at greater risk.


Secure Application's Security Architecture Review service provides a detailed evaluation of your organization's current network security architecture, technology policy, management practices and planned architecture. The service identifies network and design architectural weaknesses in security, performance, scalability, and extensibility. Our team of security experts recommends improvements to better align the security architecture with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27002 security model, industry best practices, business objectives, and your organization's security policy.

  • Strengthens your network security infrastructure with multilayer "defense-in-depth" network protection
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance
  • Ensures adequate protection from outsider threat and helps mitigate internal threats and/or unintentional user misuse
  • Eliminates any network security devices and technology that are either unneeded or ineffective in your current environment
  • Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they become a threat
  • Proven methodology ensures quality, accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment
  • Provides confidence that your network security architecture meets industry best practice and regulatory standards

The Security Architecture Review can be customized to meet the unique needs of the enterprise to:

  • Determine how security assets and information meet business requirements
    • Understand business drivers/needs
    • Mandates, regulations, compliancy requirements
  • Assess design and architecture of current and pending network security architecture plans
    • Redundancy, segmentation, access, management tools
    • Identify general strengths and weaknesses in the security architecture
  • Review security configurations
    • Core devices, Firewalls, content Filtering, IPS/IDS, endpoint posture
    • Review existing operational management tools to determine their adherence to security industry best practices
  • Compare findings with industry best practices
    • Identify potential gaps in your current network security design and provide recommendations on how to improve your network security architecture
  • Deliver a comprehensive report summarizing all of the consultants' finding and prioritized recommendations based on risk level