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Technology Evaluation and Selection


Resource constrained security teams are challenged to stay on top of emerging threats and security technology to mitigate risk and maintain compliance. While choosing vendors and security technology is one of the most important tasks facing an IT security team, already overburdened staffs have limited bandwidth to identify, evaluate and implement security products - a process that is distracting to day-to-day operations, time consuming, and often overwhelming. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong vendor or technology can lead to uninformed decisions and actions that can result in negative publicity that destroys credibility and customer trust, unplanned and excessive operational costs, steep fines that impact the bottom line, and a decrease in shareholder value.


Secure Application's Technology Assessment and Selection services provide a vendor-independent, highly informed recommendation about the many available security technologies that can best address your business challenges. Our proven evaluation methodology provides accurate insight as to the "fit" of specific products to your environment based on your requirements and their relevance to various information security and risk management standards. We conduct each evaluation in our state-of-the art Technology Lab, where all products under consideration are thoroughly tested, with side-by-side results analyzed. And our services don't end with the evaluation. Our services also provide full implementation service once a product has been selected.

  • Provides a higher level of information security readiness in less time and for less money
  • Delivers more cost-effective solutions based on our deep vendor partnerships and purchasing power
  • Provides the right combination of technology, services and support to help you optimize your security infrastructure and processes to minimize system downtime while improving staff efficiency and security effectiveness
  • Helps reduce business interruption
  • Frees up your information security resources to address day-to-day operational issues

Tailored to meet your specific security and budget requirements, Secure Application's Technology Evaluation and Selection services follow a rigorous evaluation process and includes the following:

  • Review of business and technology environment
  • Identification and recommendation of products for evaluation
  • Establish test environment methods and procedures
  • Develop evaluation criteria
  • Secure products for evaluation
  • Complete review of the product/s which includes market penetration, company viability, strategic direction, ability to support large clients
  • Product evaluation against criteria
  • Recommend best solutions for the client needs
  • Deploy the solutions and gather benchmark statistics