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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Enterprise DLP products are being deployed throughout organizations to discover, classify, monitor, and control sensitive data. Drivers may include regulatory compliance, insider and external leakage threats, prior incidents, and audit findings. Full DLP deployments are slow to develop, in part because the technology is still maturing but mostly because of the complex people and process issues that need to be resolved. This is especially relevant in larger organizations with numerous business units. The number of DLP products and options can be overwhelming and has the potential to affect just about everyone and every department in an organization. Additionally, many organizations currently lack internal resources with the requisite DLP experience or time to undertake a DLP enablement project. Appropriate planning and operational readiness are critical to deploying a DLP solution smoothly throughout an organization.


Secure Application's DLP Product Selection, Design, and Integration services methodology helps organizations better define and understand how DLP fits into their data security programs and the technology solutions that can map to their specific needs. Our consultants work with your team to create a strategic DLP integration roadmap and to manage the tactical configuration and implementation of specific DLP solutions. Our breadth of knowledge about multiple solutions enables us to take an objective, holistic, and best-of-breed approach that others can't duplicate. Secure Application's DLP consultants balance technical backgrounds, "know how", with diverse business experience and hold certifications such as CISSP, CIPP, CISA, and MCSE.

  • Consideration for and buy in from necessary parties ("DLP stakeholders") throughout the requirements gathering, roadmapping, technical design stage, business flow stage, remediation stage or a road mapping
  • Product independent in order to help you find the right solution for your environment based on requirements
  • Map product to your specific data and infrastructure needs
  • Expertise across all top-rated DLP technologies
  • Experienced in all phases of DLP
    • Pre-assessment strategy and roadmap creation
    • Product purchase, implementation, configuration, and enablement
    • Product tuning and optimization

Secure Application's DLP Product Selection, Design, Implementation and Enablement services can be tailored to meet your security and budget requirements.
Services include:

  • Identifying primary tactical and strategic DLP goals, business requirements, and roadmap creation
  • Identifying data management and security policies and procedures
  • Identifying data types and establishing DLP rules and policies
  • Reviewing the existing DLP environment and performing tuning and gap analysis
  • Gathering business, functional, and technical requirements, and producing a proof of concept
  • DLP integration/enablement including design, architecture, deployment, configuration, and tuning
  • Sensitive data discovery program design, management, and remediation (e.g., PCI, PII, HIPAA, proprietary data, etc.)
  • Generating a DLP implementation report