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Incident Response Simulation


After we discover a data breach (assuming we can identify it accurately), what should we do, whom should we call, and how do we close the gaps?" If your organization experiences a breach, these are a few of the questions you are going to be asking yourself; if you haven't prepared for this inevitable situation, you're not going to have the answers or be prepared to act. The truth is that while most organizations would like to be prepared to handle a breach, few - if any - have the resources available or qualified personnel on staff to respond to an incident


Secure Application's experienced, expert Incident Response Consultants have guided global organizations to successful outcomes following data breaches and other security-related incidents. Our consultants use real-world experience to create authentic data breach and security incident simulations that test your organization's ability to operate under stress and respond to today's wide range of targeted threats.

  • Experienced Incident Response Consultants who provide simulations based on real-world data breach situations
  • Simulations that test your staff's ability to respond to breaches and threats aimed at your unique business and industry
  • Knowledge that your staff is being tested by the most highly skilled and experienced Incident Response
  • Consultants in the business

Secure Application's Incident Response Consultants' real-world simulations subject your team to the stress and anxiety that security incidents cause and test your organization's response readiness. Working with our consultants, your team will have full knowledge of how breaches and attacks can impact your business both internally and externally.
Partnering with Secure Application enables you to leverage our:

  • Dedicated, experienced and credentialed Incident Response Consultants
  • Accreditations, including our PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) status
  • Understanding and sensitivity to your organization's unique environment and needs
  • Expertise across all major identified cyber attack methods
  • Trusted advisor and strategic approach
  • Broad industry experience
  • Comprehensive, customizable offering
Service Details

Secure Application's Incident Response Simulation services provide you with confidence knowing that you are working with a company that will prepare you to protect your unique environment and respond to attacks that are targeted at your industry.

Services include:

  • Threat Simulation Exercises
  • Internal Incident Response Team Evaluation
  • Tabletop Scenarios