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Litigation Support and eDiscovery


There was a time when eDiscovery consisted of simple email searches and the collection of storage tapes and disks, and when litigation was based on the same set of laws and procedures used to prosecute and defend all civil and criminal cases. Today, eDiscovery requires organizations to uncover and provide exabytes of data that are relevant to specific incidents, and litigation experts are required to understand and interpret a set of legal rules specific to information technology. Organizations that do not specialize in eDiscovery and litigation simply do not have the time, resources or expertise needed to properly support these critical legal functions.


Secure Application's Litigation Support and eDiscovery Consultants work closely with regulators and law enforcement officials to provide eDiscovery services consistent with legal best practices and litigation support that stands up to the scrutiny of the legal system. Secure Application's Litigation Support and eDiscovery Consultants ensure that all relevant digital evidence is being properly collected, handled and delivered, and that proper testimony is being given in court and to regulators so that crimes against your company are successfully prosecuted and actions against you are fully defended.

  • Assurance that the correct information is being collected and handled properly, and is expertly prepared for civil and criminal proceedings
  • Knowledge that your position is well represented through all stages of investigations and litigation
  • Confidence that the consultants handling your information and trial matters are knowledgeable in the latest evidence-handling laws, regulations, and eDiscovery techniques
  • Enable your organization to quickly and effectively mitigate the impact of IT systems compromises

Secure Application's eDiscovery experts have EnCase certification as well as vast experience in identifying which digital assets should be collected as part of an eDiscovery effort, and they understand how to deliver effective court testimony.
Partnering with Secure Application enables you to leverage our:

  • Dedicated, experienced and credentialed Litigation Support and eDiscovery Consultants
  • Understanding and sensitivity to your organization's unique environment and needs
  • Expertise across all major IT systems and civil and criminal laws and regulations affecting digital assets
  • Trusted advisor and strategic approach
  • Broad industry experience
  • Comprehensive, customizable offering
Service Details

Secure Application's eDiscovery and litigation support experts provide your organization with the exact services and expertise needed to protect itself in court and to assist with the successful prosecution of cyber criminals.

Services include:

  • Litigation support
  • eDiscovery
Litigation Support and eDiscovery