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Telecom Security

"Telecommunications providers are under fire from two sides: they face direct attacks from cybercriminals intent on breaching their organization and network operations, and indirect attacks from those in pursuit of their subscribers. The top threats currently targeting each of these frontlines feature many classic attack vectors, but with a new twist in terms of complexity or scale that place new demands on telecoms companies."

These Threats Include:

  • Telecom Security Threats.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
  • The exploitation of vulnerabilities in network and consumer devices.
  • Compromising subscribers with social engineering, phishing or malware.
  • Insider threat.

How Secure Applications can assist you ?

  • GSM/3G core Network Security.
  • Network element Configuration review.
  • IP-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting.
  • Minimum Baseline Security Standard (MBSS).
  • Air Interface penetration testing.
  • SIM application Security testing.
  • LTE Architecture audit.
Android Security Testing